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At Pepperidge Farm®, we are bakers.

For more than 80 years, Pepperidge Farm® has been committed to quality.
We’ve been baking for generations. Not just because it’s our job, but because we love it.

It’s why we make guest- and operator-loved products like:
Baked Crackers
Crisp, buttery, distinctive and delightful
Baked Cookies
Milano® cookies are the perfect indulgent, chocolatey treat
Made with premium bread for a gratifying taste
Puff Pastry
More than 60 layers of flaky, homemade taste
Frozen Breads
Fresh-baked taste and easy for your operation
Layer Cake
Moist cake and rich icing

Crisps and Chips

Made with no preservatives and the wholesome goodness of whole grain (16g per serving), Cracker Chips have 60-65% less fat than the leading potato chip per serving, so your patrons can enjoy eating without regret.