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Mexican Street Corn Tips


When it comes to menu items, 48% of younger consumers are interested in trying more ethnic soups.* With Elote trending, we’re here to help you satisfy these expectations by offering trend-forward options that will keep them coming back.

Creative Enhancements


Add value and drama to your soup offerings through creative presentation, themes and customizations. PRESENTATION Carefully serve soup in martini glasses or other distinctive tableware, or ladle tableside and top with fresh garnish. CUSTOMIZE Soup becomes a destination with exhibition cooking. Allow patrons to choose from a variety of soups, then customize their selection by […]

Seafood Soup Pairing Guide

Seafood Soup Pairing Guide

THE RIGHT PAIRING MAKES A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE. Want to make patrons’ mouths water and ultimately sell more of your menu? Just follow our handy soup, salad and sandwich guide for this tried-and-true combination. Looking to balance out something creamy?Consider pairing our cream-based soups with salads, grilled veggies and other lighter options to balance the richness […]

Seafood Soup Presentation Guide

Seafood Soup Presentation Guide

IT’S ALL IN THE PRESENTATION. With seafood soup, authenticity is everything. Our presentation guide helps you serve soups even locals would be proud to call their own. Signature New England Clam ChowderOyster crackers, lemon and a side of OLD BAY® or hot sauce will make for a perfect presentation of this classic soup. Reserve Lobster Bisque […]

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