Cool School Cafe Rewards

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Reward Your Meal Program. Earn Cool School Points.

Every day, you are feeding thousands of students and making hundreds of purchase decisions. Each of those purchases can go back into rewarding your meal program.

It’s Free and Easy!

Here’s How – School Foodservice directors and purchase decision-makers are eligible to receive rewards by purchasing Campbell’s qualifying products through Cool School Cafe®. Participating districts have access to the Cool School Cafe rewards catalog, qualifying product information, special offers and other tools.

1. Purchase Qualifying Products
Purchase Campbell’s Foodservice qualifying products. Send Cool School Cafe purchase verification via distributor velocity reports or invoices. Points will be automatically entered into your district’s account.

2. Submit

Submit your purchase verification of qualifying products by mail or email. rewards-groupThe Cool School Cafe team enters points into your account based on purchases.

[email protected]
Cool School Cafe
PO Box 535
Becker, MN 55308

3. Enjoy Rewards
Shop with your Cool School Cafe points for a variety of rewards. Visit the Cool School website for a complete list and to place an order.