It’s Time to Rethink the Can

For decades, Campbell’s Foodservice has been crafting delicious, canned soup with a great variety of uses. Inspiring so many recipes and moments, it’s beneficial to consider forward-thinking ways to utilize all the can has to offer, specifically in amazing dishes across your menu.

It’s time to challenge the status quo and bring canned soup into the modern age of cooking, using the can to inspire high-quality meals and recipes for guests. Canned soup could be integral for many recipes, making for a more efficient process in shaping delicious dishes. It plays into the whole philosophy of cooking, taking simple high-quality products and showing them respect, love and care to craft unbelievable culinary successes. Think of it as an excellent tool that will keep your staff engaged with new recipes inspired by canned soup.

Not just a can of soup, Campbell’s® canned soups will help to inspire you throughout the season, time and time again. You will be amazed how many modern recipes and ethnic cuisines can be channeled through recipes crafted with canned soup.

Taking some inspiration from the canned soup recipe guide, our Butternut Squash, Kale and Turkey Sausage Soup Made with Campbell’s ® Healthy Request ® Cream of Mushroom is a perfect example of how you create a soup or appetizer that’s perfect for the fall season. Our Cream of Mushroom soup serves as an excellent vehicle for various flavors. It has a nice amount of richness on its own, but when used in a recipe, can yield a more delicious flavor than stock or water. As you know, cooking is all about getting creative with what you have at your disposal, whether it’s seasonal produce or a can of soup. Start with a flavored cream soup for a winter treat loaded with kale, sausage and butternut squash. As soon as you find one dish that works well with a particular can of soup, many menu items will follow.

Another way to use canned soup in potentially unexpected ways with ingredients you already have on hand is in globally inspired flavors such our Thai Tomato soup recipe. Alongside Swanson® chicken broth, Campbell’s® Condensed Tomato soup is an incredible way of introducing acidity and body to a curry paste bloomed in oil with onions and aromatics. Spice plays a gentle and subtle role in this recipe, rounded out by coconut milk, coaxing flavor out of each element.  A canned soup’s possibilities for inspiring a chef’s creativity with different flavor profiles and ethnic cuisines could be endless.

So get cooking, and be inspired to create your next classic with Campbell’s® canned soups to satisfy your hungry guests.