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Campbell’s Classic Soups

Meet Our Recrafted Canned Soups

Since the beginning, the can was at the heart of our mission to bring nutritious and delicious foods to more and more people. More than a century later, we’ve made several advancements to the can, but our commitment to quality is the same. That’s why we’ve recrafted our canned soups. Whether you’re serving students in K-12 schools or guests and patients in the healthcare segment, you can feel good about using these soups as great-tasting menu items or ingredients that add nutrition and taste to your recipes.


To know where we’re going, we have to know where we’ve been. We began serving people 150 years ago, when we were founded on a mission to bring good, nutritious food to the many. Canning soup—an achievement of its time—helped make this quality accessible to people everywhere. We’re always innovating to make sure we deliver on the needs of today and tomorrow while building on our original mission.

What's in

• No-antibiotics-ever chicken meat

• Non-BPA-lined cans

• Now 390mg of sodium per serving in Campbell’s® Healthy Request® 50 oz. varieties

• The versatility to serve in a bowl or use as an affordable speed-scratch ingredient in recipes

What's in

• High-fructose corn syrup

• Added MSG

• Colors from artificial sources

• Artificial flavors

• Added preservatives

crafted with care


Each operator faces unique challenges that call for specific solutions. Although soup started out as a quickly made meal, it’s so much more—it’s a versatile ingredient that can be used in recipes to delight guests across all segments.


K-12 Schools

Our goal is to help you boost participation and meet nutritional guidelines while satisfying students and parents. Full of carefully selected ingredients, recrafted canned soups can deliver the great-tasting and better-for-you options that students need.

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We’re your partner in providing guests, staff and patients with dining experiences full of heart and flavor. You’ll be proud to serve recrafted canned soups as delicious meals that inspire feelings of health and satisfaction or use them as ingredients in a variety of recipes to diversify your menu.